Intro: Grade 1 day trip aimed at relative beginners seeking some Grade 1 mileage

Leader: Scott Sutherland

Ph: 021 445 761

Date: 22 July, but driving up to Arthurs Pass after work on Friday 21 July.

Itinerary: Drive up and stay at Kennedy Lodge on Friday after work (depart 6pm), so we can get an alpine start up the hill the next day. Plan is to head up the Mt Bealey track, and then head north over the summits ot Mts Bealey, Lyell and Avalanche Peak, and descend the Avalanche Peak track. This will probably take 8 – 10 hours but could be longer depending on weather, snow conditions, and group factors. Drive back to Christchurch afterwards, possibly stop at the Bealey Hotel for a feed.

Plan B: Drive up Saturday evening 22 July, and do the trip on Sunday 23 July. We could also pick a different peak if needed. Snow conditions will dictate this.

Previous experience required: Use of crampons and ice axe on Grade 1 terrain (may still be steepish), and ability to use avalanche kit. Ideal for those that have done intro course(s) and are looking to get out and practice their skills. We won’t be taking ropes etc.

You will also need to be fit, and happy to walk 12 hours or so if needed.

Gear required: Ice axe, crampons, helmet, transceiver, probe, shovel, headlamp.

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