Take Friday off work, depart Christchurch at 8am and drive up to Kaikoura then Gladstone Downs, park there and hike up to Hodder Hut and sleep Friday night there. 
Hodder Hut is a good base to climb several mountains in the area and this trip would lend itself to a few parties in a general meet going up various routes simultaneously.

The plan is to climb Mt Alarm first via the North Face (Grade 2), then descend the ridge to Muzzle Sadldle and climb Tappy, return to hut. 
Sunday morning We climb Mitre Peak via the NE couloir Grade 2, then walk out back to Christchurch late Sunday night. 

Previous experience required: This trip is suitable for intermediate climbers of high fitness with familiarity with two axe climbing, rope work / pitched climbing. 

Gear required: You must have helmet, rigid boots, crampons, harness, 2 axes, transceiver, food, stove, overnight gear etc.

Plan B: Will be reviewed and confirmed depending on the weather and conditions.

Questions: If you have any questions about the trip, Byron Harvey and Nick Robillard are the trips leaders. Find them on social media, or email [email protected]

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