Come join for a mountaineering weekend at Kennedys lodge. Grab your winter climbing gear, skiis or tramping boots and make the most of the club’s fantastic lodge in Arthur’s pass. There will be talks on Saturday evening, with our president George kicking it off. Everyone is invited and encouraged to give a Pecha Kicha style talk .

WHEN: Weekend 4th/5th of July 2020

WHERE: Kennedy’s Lodge

Check out the Facebook event page discussion in the lead up to the weekend  for info, conditions, beta, talk nominations etc. It’s also a good place  to post up if anyone is looking for a climbing partner. They’re  won’t be any organised trips but plenty of people about to team up with or  get ideas from. So put the date in the diary and let me know if you’re planing on coming. Flick me an email  [email protected] or a message of Facebook.


Winter Meet at Kennedy Hut 4 / 5 June  Hugh Logan Ben Mangan organised an excellent event – despite the weather. Assorted peoples arrived Friday night and a few dribbled in on Saturday. Kennedy, with its newly refurbishment comfort, was full. Overflows made use of the West Coast Alpine Club hut further down Brake Hill Road (named after famed photographer Brian Brake and his parent who were Arthur’s Pass residents in the 1940s). The weather didn’t cooperate! By 7 a.m. Saturday it was raining. Even so, Ben Jamie and ( Jamie’s younger brother?) Headed up Con’s Track and over Cassidy – returning before midday very wet. George Gerard and Hugh Logan sought better weather down valley by going up Woolshed Hill beside the Hawdon. However, they too got soaked. Meanwhile CMC News Winter 2020 18 many others took to mountain running, up the Andrew’s and one intrepid continued back over Binser Saddle. Another group ran in the Craigieburns. The high light was a communal dinner at Kennedy, with 25 people. The main was followed by 8 mini-talks, covering the gamut from hard rock in theDarrans, enjoyable tramps, Campbell Island, various climbing misadventures and Ed Cromwell’s hilarious history of moustaches. The party continued. On Sunday the weather was little better but most got some exercise in the Craigieburns. Thanks to Ben, the cooks, and the cleaner-uppers for a great weekend.