Intro: Mt Armstrong is a 2110m high peak in Arthur’s Pass located at the head of the great Waimakariri River.

Leader: Lateef Ahmad

Date: June 18-19th 2022

Itinerary: Saturday: Meet at Maccas Yaldhurst 7am. Drive to Klondyke Corner and walk up the Waimakariri to the CMC Waimak falls hut. Option if we have a confident group to instead start at Otira Valley, traverse Mt Phillistine and enter through Waimakariri Col. Sunday: Early start up Armstrong then down and out via Rolleston River for finish in PM. Variations up Mt Armstrong depending on group.

Previous experience required: This is a beginner/intermediate trip, for people who have a few grade 1 climbs under their belt. The minimum level of prior experience in the snow is on grade 1 objectives such as Mt Philistine, Otira Slide or similar.

Gear required: Winter gear and proper boots, crampons and at least 1 ice axe. Bring avalanche gear, will make the call on the weekend if it is necessary. Also, warm clothes, helmet.

Plan B: Gloriana Peak via 3 Tarn Pass. Saturday: Probably camping up top or in Ada Pass Hut. Sunday: Back to the car.

Rolleston0115 (Large)