This page is for CMC Instructors.


At least one week before trip start

  • Request participant information from the CMC Instruction Officer
  • Review individual information provided by all participants during sign-up and confirm suitability for trip.
    • Let the Instruction Officer know immediately if anyone is grossly unfit for the trip.
  • If any allergies, medical conditions, or physical conditions are disclosed by participants, discuss with them how this is likely to affect them on the trip, and learn about side effects of medication or if medication is missed
  • Once group of participants is confirmed, communicate with group with trip plan & ensure everyone has appropriate gear & transportation.
    • Communicate via either:
      • Messenger chat group (ask Instruction Officer to set up) or;
      • WhatsApp chat group (ask Instruction Officer to set up) or;
      • Email chain.
    • Ensure all participants have arranged travel to and from the trip location
  • Review ongoing avalanche forecast for relevant region(s) and modify destination of trip to avoid flooded rivers or unnecessary travel on exposed ground during storms

At least two days before trip start

  • Review weather forecast & avalanche conditions. Discuss with ARM L6/Avo2 qualified guide if trip is above bush line and either:
    • Trip is between June & November, or;
    • Trip is between December & May and there has been significant snowfall in previous seven days. Amend plan to suit if required.
  • Complete CMC Instruction Trip Plan
  • Communicate an update to participants regarding final location of trip, weather forecast, final details regarding equipment, and confirm trip start meeting place/time
  • Print out copies of the CMC Daily Weather & Avalanche Evaluation Sheet, one copy per day of the course. Alternatively, fill out after the course from field notes.
  • Obtain lodge codes for Kennedy Lodge (Brake Hill on left, 500m before village) or Wyn Irwin (White Horse Hill campsite) from the CMC Instruction Officer or CMC Hut Officer

After Trip