The CMC Mountaineer of the Year award was established to recognise significant contributions to the development of mountaineering in New Zealand and overseas in the preceding year or two.

It was also, of course, a good excuse to get together and hear a talk from the recipient(s), at the end of which they were traditionally awarded a large framed colour print and a handsome trophy to keep on their mantelpiece for a year.

While the idea of acknowledging someone as deserving special recognition does not usually sit well in the mountaineering world, Dave Fearnley (recipient in 1991) put things in perspective: “Being Mountaineer of the Year in New Zealand is a little bit like being Rugby Player of the Year in Bangladesh“.

So please honour the following for being amongst the many who have made significant contributions to mountaineering in New Zealand and around the world:

Year Recipient
2019 Rose Pearson 
2018 Caleb Jennings – Climbing Pilgrim & Punta Herron
2017 Dave Shotwell, Allison Swintz, Nick Cradock, and Llewellyn Murdoch – The team made the second ascent of the route ‘Horn Please’ on Neverseen Tower, as well as 6 unclimbed ascents in the Miyar Valley in the Indian Himalaya
2016 Rose Pearson, Alastair McDowell, Steven Fortune, Richard Measures
2014 Guy McKinnon
2012 Jamie Vinton-Boot
2010 Graham Zimmerman
2009 Paul Knott
2007 Paul Rogers
2006 Jonathan Clearwater
2005 Jo Kippax, Sean Waters
2004 Eric Saggers
2003 Dave Vass
2002 Karen McNeill
2001 Colin Monteath
2000 Dave Crofts, Bryan Moore
1999 Pat Deavoll
1998 Phil Suisted, Kynan Bazley
1997 Guy Cotter
1996 Phil Penny, Al Uren
1995 John Entwistle
1994 Athol Whimp
1993 Gottlieb Braun-Elwert
1992 Matt Evrard
1991 Dave Fearnly
1990 Erica Beuzenberg
1989 Gary Ball
1988 Nick Craddock
1987 Rob Hall