Instructors: Paul Stevens and Simon Ball

Description: This is an expedition type course that will teach or revise intermediate skills including:

  • Placing gear, snow anchors, and snow stakes on snow, ice or rock.
  • Multi pitching and rope transitions.
  • Glacier travel and rescue techniques.
  • Route selection through intermediate terrain.
  • Winter camping and expedition skills.

This course will be based in Arthurs Pass Staying at Kennedy Lodge with a night or 2 camping or snow caving in the surrounding area.

Pre-requisites:  An Avalanche Awareness or Back Country Avalanche course. Have experience in alpine terrain using crampons & ice axes, minimum 5 alpine trips on grade 1 or 2 terrain. Comfortable familiarity with lead belaying and lead rock climbing. The following knots should be revised: figure of eight, alpine butterfly, clove hitch, Italian hitch, double fisherman. Prepare in advance by going through the Intermediate Mountaineering videos.

Gear List

Date: Friday Morning 22nd September – 26th September

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  • You must be a CMC member to attend this course as this course is generously subsidised by the CMC Fenwick Trust.
  • If you are not a member, please join the CMC first.
  • Course Details

    This information will help us ensure you are well prepared for the course.
  • Feel free to contact the Instruction Officer before signing up if unsure: [email protected]
  • Please note that CMC does not hire any gear. You will need adequately stiff boots for this course, flexible tramping boots will not be sufficient, but stiff tramping boots will be OK for an introductory course. If avalanche gear is required for this course, you must bring an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. It is best to book these from hire shops as early as possible before the course starts. Please contact the Instruction Officer if unsure: [email protected]
  • Emergency Contact Details

    Please provide contact details for your next of kin. Please inform this contact person you will be attending this course.
  • Declaration of Risk & Acknowledgement

    I understand the alpine environment involves inherent risks. I understand the instructors will take the utmost caution to manage all risks and ensure student safety but there still remains a residual element of risk in a mountaineering environment that may be beyond their control. I understand I am responsible for my own safety and will take great care to prepare appropriate for the course, conduct myself in a safe way on the mountain, and listen to and comply with instructions at all times.
  • Refund Policy

    The is a non-refundable $50 deposit for this course. I understand that after signing up through this form, if I have to pull out of the course for any reason (including injury), I will receive the following refund depending on the time of cancellation before the course: More than 4 weeks = 100% refund(minus $50 deposit) 2-4 weeks = 80% refund 5 days - 2 weeks = 50% refund Less than 5 days = 0% refund This is to protect the CMC from financial losses due to courses running below full capacity as the costs for guides are fixed regardless of participant numbers.
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