Instructors: Paul Stevens and Simon Ball 1:4 Instructor to Participant ratio.

Trad Climbing: Traditional climbing is when climbers use the natural features of a rock such as cracks, boulders or horns to put in protection using slings, cams or nuts. Trad climbing is a great way to progress and learn rope skills that are highly relatable to mountaineering.

This course aims to teach participants how and where to place gear and how to build anchors.

Location: Port Hills, Christchurch

Time and Date: 8am Meet and greet at Zeros Cafe Cashmere on Saturday 1st April. Carpooling up to crag and finishing around 4pm. Same again on Sunday.

Pre-requisites: Must have atleast lead sport climbing experience, lead belaying experience and be comfortable leading outdoors. Need to be a competent climber but there will be no hard climbing on this course. Participants should know how to strip an anchor and rappel. Go to a CMC climbing night and ask for instruction if you need more experience in this.

Gear List: The CMC owns no trad gear and participants will have to source all the gear themselves. This can be borrowed or loaned from others. Climbers will be in pairs so only 1 rack will be required between 2. Participants will be responsible to make sure that they have all of their gear at the end of the day.

The gear list can be found here

Your Details

You must be a CMC member to take part in this course.
CMC does not own any gear, if you do nt own all of the gear you may have to borrow from others, and share throughout the group. This can be discussed with the instruction officer before the course start.

Emergency Contact Details

Please share details of next of kin.
Declaration of Risk & Acknowledgement(Required)
I understand rock climbing involves inherent risks. I understand the instructors will take the utmost caution to manage all risks and ensure student safety but there still remains a residual element of risk in a outdoor rock climbing environment that may be beyond their control. I understand I am responsible for my own safety and will take great care to prepare appropriate for the course, conduct myself in a safe way on the rock, and listen to and comply with instructions at all times.
Refund Policy(Required)
There is a $50 non refundable deposit attached to this form. I understand that after signing up through this form, if I have to pull out of the course for any reason (including injury), I will receive the following refund depending on the time of cancellation before the course: More than 4 weeks = 100% refund (minus $50 deposit). 2-4 weeks = 80% refund. 5 days - 2 weeks = 50% refund. Less than 5 days = 0% refund. This is to protect the CMC from financial losses due to courses running below full capacity as the costs for guides are fixed regardless of participant numbers.
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