Instructor: Rob Frost

Description: This course is for people who have already learned how to use ice axe & crampons, but it might have been a while since you actually used those skills, and you need a recap to solidify and get more mileage. The course will focus on lots of movement on different terrain, so a decent fitness level is required.

Pre-requisites: Either a beginners snowcraft course in last year or two, or a history of using crampons and ice axes but not for several years.

Venue: Arthur’s Pass

Accommodation: Kennedy Lodge, Arthur’s Pass

Gear list

Cost: $250 per person including 2 nights at Kennedy Lodge

Date: June 18-20. Arrive at Kennedy Lodge Friday night 730pm, finish Sunday afternoon 3pm.

Course full? Sign up to the Waiting List and you will be notified if there are drop outs.

Course pre-reading: How to Start Mountaineering.

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