This May we’re heading off to climb Amazon Peak (2486m), which is nestled in the heart of CMC country between the Raikia and Rangitata Rivers. Amazon Peak is part of the Armoury Range whose other peaks bear some very cool apt name such as The Warrior, Outlaw Peak and Battle Ax Col.

We’ll leave Christchurch early (6am) on Saturday 11 May and drive to the road end at Erewhon Station (~2.5hrs away). The remainder of the day will be spent wandering up the gravel riverbeds of the Clyde and Sinclair Rivers and onto Sinclair Rock Bivy – our destination for the night. There’ll be a couple of compulsory stops for a brew of tea/coffee on route.  

Sunday morning will have another early start. We’ll climb to the head of the Sinclair Valley, ascend Crossbow Saddle and then traverse northern snow slopes to the summit of Amazon Peak. After the summit party, we’ll descend via the same route, collect overnight gear stashed at Sinclair Bivy and return to Erewhon Station. We’ll arrive back to Christchurch late on Sunday evening.

Previous experience required: Amazon Peak is a Grade 1 peak. A good level fitness required for two long days in the mountains – Day 1 may be up to 8hrs walking and day 2 12 to 14hrs climbing/walking. Knowledge of how to use crampons and an ice axe is essential

Gear required: Bivy gear (warm sleeping bag min, bivy bag optional), warm clothes, helmet, boots, crampons and ice axe

Plan B: Will be reviewed and confirmed depending on the weather and conditions.

Questions: If you have any questions about the trip, feel free to contact Ben Ellis our dear President.

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