The Canterbury Mountaineer is a record of the climbing and exploration activities of members of the Canterbury Mountaineering Club. It covers members’ activities at home in New Zealand, as well as in Antarctica, the Himalayas, the Andes and other parts of the world. It also includes member’s obituaries, annual reports and other items about the Club. First published in 1932, The Canterbury Mountaineer was produced annually until 1991, two-yearly to 2011 and less regularly since then.

The Club is now pleased to offer The Canterbury Mountaineer as an online digital resource, including a stand-alone index covering the years 1932-2007. Each issue is searchable. Most of the files contain a bookmark index to help you find the article or subject of interest. Otherwise use the CTRL-F function in Adobe Reader to enter a search term. Note that the files are quite large, and uploading all the files currently available is a work in progress.

This resource offers many possibilities, ranging from alpine heritage research to planning future climbs, not to mention endless browsing. If you publish material from it, please acknowledge the source and, where applicable, the author of the material quoted. The Club is deeply grateful to long-standing member Ian Gardiner for gathering the journals and scanning them.

The CMC News

The CMC News is the official journal of the Canterbury and is published three to four times per year by editor Ed Cromwell.