Intro: A multiday trip into a really unusual place, covering the Gardens of Allah and Eden with several ascents of various peaks including The Great Unknown.
Leader: Byron Harvey 021-294-7591 [email protected]
Dates: 4-9 Feb 2023
Itinerary: Taking advantage of Waitangi Weekend, 6 day trip. Departing Christchurch for Erewhon in morning. Walk up Rangitata River to Perth Col, climb some peaks including Great Unknown, return via Lambert Col. Lots of hiking up river beds and glaciers and camping.
Previous Experience: Knowledge of crevasse rescue and glacier travel. Note the sun is very severe in this region due to parabolic reflection. Likely hiking/climbing at least 10 hrs each day
Equipment: One axe, optional hiking poles. Food for six days, sun hat, cream, glasses, helmet, harness, glacier travel equipment. Best to arrange 3 man tents and share cooking gear. Regular hiking boots with crampons fine as much of this route is flattish and most routes grade 1 or easy 2. Avo gear not required. At least one PLB per team.
Party Size: No limit if we can split roped teams up matched to fitness and experience, each team with its own leader. 
Plan B. This trip will proceed unless weather is unusually severe or the river is flooding. Otherwise a few days hiking in Lewis Tops area.