Itinerary: This is a well marked perfect circuit following the Great Walk. The fastest mountain runners in the country complete this trail in 4.5 hrs but I think it might be more like 15 for most of us. 2,215m total elevation and 60km. Depending on weather, we drive down to Te Anau Fri night and begin Sat morning at the Control Gates then up to Luxmore Hut and following the circuit. You can turn around at any stage and if there are hikers as well as runners then we can likely arrange a group to cater to that. If we have spare time at the end we may choose to do something touristy in the area

Trip Leader: Byron Harvey 021-294-7591 [email protected]
Equipment: Note the weather may be quite a bit colder and more prone to change in this region. raincoat, double thermal top or puffy, warm hut and gloves, space blanket, first aid kit, headlight and spare batteries, PLB.Note you need to be running marathon distances at least in your own training to consider this, otherwise hike it over a few days with a lot more gear.