Itinerary: This is a relatively flattish run, well marked and passing several huts amongst fantastic scenery. It is 65km long with about 700m total vertical gain and 15hrs might be a reasonable benchmark. Note this is an easier trip than the 3 passes but at some 15 hours or more it is a definite flogging and you need to have done training up to a marathon distance to consider running it. Otherwise hike over two or 3 days. We drive up and camp Fri night at Deer Valley Campsite. We get up 5am. We begin at the top carpark and finish at the Boyle Village carpark, so there needs to be some shuttling unless someone like Alastair wants to run the extra 15km along the road and up the hill. We go along Cannibal Creek to the hut of same name, then Ada Pass Hut, Christopher Hutt, Anne Hut, Rokeby Hut and Boyle Flat Hut. Sat night we go to the nearby Maruia Springs. We can camp, eat and soak there if we arrive before 8pm ($40 to use springs). If you prefer you can book a hotel room.  Sunday morning we eat at the breakfast buffet, soak some more and hobble around on crutches before returning to Christchurch. 

Leader: Byron Harvey 021-294-7591 [email protected]
Equipment: small pack with food, waterbottle, thermals, sun hat glasses and cream, warm hat and gloves, PLB, space blanket, trail running shoes. If hiking then bring sleeping bag and cooking gear and you will have to pay for DOC huts. For springs, bring swimmers and towel.