Intro: A social trip for experienced rock climbers up to Twin Stream. This is a “meet” rather than a “trip”, so we will share the approach to the bivvy sites, share beta and thoughts about weather & conditions etc, but we will be climbing independently on different routes. Sign up with a climbing partner or two, pick your lines and come along for a great social weekend!

Organiser:  Hugh Simons

Date: 20-22 January 2023

Itinerary: The plan would be to leave Christchurch Thursday night or early Friday morning and walk in to set up a base at the rock bivvies before cracking in to two days of climbing! Check out the Climb NZ page for route beta and ideas.

Previous experience required: Confident trad climbing

Gear required: Bivvy/camping gear, climbing rack

Plan B: Postpone to a different weekend. 

Questions: If you have any questions about the trip, feel free to contact Hugh on [email protected].