The Canterbury Mountaineering Club (“the CMC”) owns and maintains two lodges for the primary benefit of members of the CMC. This policy relates to the use of the Wyn Irwin Lodge (located in Mount Cook National Park) and Kennedy Lodge (located in Arthurs Pass).

The following apply to the use of the CMC lodges.

1. At least one of the party members staying at the CMC lodge must be a member of the CMC.

2. Notwithstanding clause 1 of this policy, permission for groups wanting to use the lodges (e.g. outdoor education groups or outdoor clubs) is at the discretion of the CMC Committee. Permission must be requested in writing to the CMC Committee.

3. The lodge warden or a member of the CMC Committee has the right to refuse entry to the lodges if they believe the individual or party intending to stay is not intending to use the lodges in line with this policy or in the case of Wyn Irwin Lodge, is consistent with the National Park Management Plan.

4. The lodge warden or a member of the CMC Committee reserves the right to grant non-CMC members entry to the lodges on the grounds that the use of the lodge by non-member individuals or parties is consistent with this policy, and in the case of Wyn Irwin, is consistent with the National Park Management Plan.

5. The code to the CMC lodges may only be provided to current CMC club members. The CMC committee member or hut warden in charge of distributing the code for entry to the lodges shall keep a record of club membership, and may refuse distribution of the code to individuals who are not CMC members, or else closely affiliated with a CMC member.

6. Use of Wyn Irwin Lodge is specifically described in the Department of Conservation’s Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park Management Plan. The CMC shall at all times abide by the requirements of this Management Plan to ensure the future of Wyn Irwin is not compromised.