Manakau, the highest peak in the Seaward Kaikoura Ranges, has some of the most stunning prominence in the country. From the summit you’ll be gazing down on the ocean 2600m below and only 15km away. To the northwest plunges into the Clarence river. It’s a long, mostly easy climb, but a very rewarding one.

The route starts up Hapuku stream with a few bush stections, before starting the long climb up Surveyor Spur, first checking in at Stace Saddle, the up to the main Kaikoura Range, sidling low around some obstacles. Several false summits before the true top of Manakau.

Most parties would do this trip over 2 days; there is a good camping spot on Surveyor Spur around the 1920m contour. Its also possible to make a round loop via Mt Uwerau and descending the south face to Hapuku Hut.

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