ACCESS to hut

For access through Lake Heron Station contact Philip Todhunter for permission. Or for access from the road end on the south bank of the Rakia contact Glenfalloch Station.

Approach through Glenfalloch Station stopping at the homestead to confirm permission for access past here. Car access over a small rise to the hay barn beyond is possible or if your vehicle has good ground clearance you can continue on the farm track to opposite the Downs Hut and park off the road. Cross the Lake Stream and follow the farm track up over Prospect Hill then about half way across the plateau a pack track veers off to the left to the point above Thompsons Hut then cuts back down into the Washbourne Stream, crossing the stream past the hut and keeping close to the base of the hill follow the grass flats below Jagged Stream, from here the track follows (true right) above the stream to the hut.

Banfield Hut

Use this portal to make your hut fee payments. Please make payment for one person at a time.  The quantity field is for the number of nights stayed.Once your payment has gone through you will receive a conformation email which you can show Hut Wardens that you have made your payment


Please use the online payment system above to pay hut fees. Hut fees can also be paid into the cash box or by direct debit to the CMC bank account 03 1592 0103242 00, putting your name and the hut/lodge name in the payment details.

  • Free for members and $10 per night for non members.
  • NOTE: DOC Hut tickets are not valid for any CMC huts


  • Bastion Peak 2441m
  • The Spires 2537 m
  • Jagged Peak 2706m
  • North Peak 2678m
  • Lawrence Peak 2473m


The first hut was built in 1946 up in the Jagged Stream basin in memory of Bruce Banfield who lost his life in an avalanche descending from the White Col into the head of the Burnett Stream in August 1944 he was only 23 years of age. The hut was constructed with a lightweight timber framing covered with 7mm ply and sheathed with flat sheet aluminium. It was subsequently demolished about three years later by an avalanche.

The current hut was built in 1950 in more safe confines overlooking the Rakaia River where the Jagged Stream emerges from the hills. This hut was revamped in 2003 and has 6 bunks with foam pads, ss bench top, area map, solar lighting, fire extinguisher and blanket, new outside toilet. The mountain radio is now installed at the Reischek Hut further up stream.


As a club member if something needs attention or repairing please let our huts team know.

Banfield Hut in the sun - Robin Muirson
Banfield Hut in sun - Riki Gutsell
Banfield Hut at night - Riki Gutsell
Inside Banfield Hut - Robin Muirson
Banfield Hut in snow - Riki Gutsell