ACCESS to hut

The hut is most easily accessed by foot by walking up the true-right of the Rakaia from Glenfalloch Station. Allow about 6 hours to Reischek Hut, and a further 3 hours over the Mein’s Knob track to the Lyell Hut

Lyell Hut provides access to the Garden of Allah via McCoy Col, Rangitata Col, and Lambert Col.

Lyell Hut

Use this portal to make your hut fee payments. Please make payment for one person at a time.  The quantity field is for the number of nights stayed.Once your payment has gone through you will receive a conformation email which you can show Hut Wardens that you have made your payment


The preferred payment method is by direct credit to the CMC bank account 03 1592 0103242 00, putting your name and the hut/lodge name in the payment details. Hut fees can also be paid into the cash box.

  • Free for members and $15 per night for non-members.
  • NOTE: DOC Hut tickets are not valid for any CMC huts


A number of great climbs can be completed in 1 or 2 days from the hut

  • Adventurous ascents of Nicholson at the head of the Lyell glacier
  • Malcolm and Blair from the Heim Plateau
  • Whitcombe and Evans from the Ramsay glacier or Bracken Snowfield


Lyell is one of the oldest existing structures in the Southern Alps. The hut was built by the CMC in 1931 with loads carried in by foot, an arduous task. One of the early explorers Julius von Haast noted the excellent view from Mein’s Knob in the late 19th century. Up the Lyell Branch, Mt Nicholson stands dominant, and up the Ramsay, branch is the awe-inspiring Ramsay (East) face of Mt Whitcombe

Lyell 1951-52
Lyell Hut Build 1951-1952


As a club member if something needs attention or repairing please let our huts team know.