Kennedy Lodge is the CMC’s base hut in Arthur’s Pass. Rebuilt in 1987 after a fire, it has all the facilities of a modern chalet.

Address: 68 Brake Hill, Arthur’s Pass National Park.

The club has installed a whiteboard at Kennedy Lodge above the wood bin to the right of the log burner. Upon arrival you can check the occupancy of the two bunk rooms and decide where you want to sleep. Write your name on the board so that the next arrivals can see how full each bunk room is. We hope this procedure will reduce the amount of disturbance caused by late arrivals. Remember to rub off your name upon departure.

How to get there

Kennedys Lodge

Use this portal to make your hut fee payments. Please make payment for one person at a time.  The quantity field is for the number of nights stayed.Once your payment has gone through you will receive a conformation email which you can show Hut Wardens that you have made your payment

The hut has two bunkrooms upstairs, sleeping 12 in one and 8 in the other. Full kitchen facilities; all mains powered, stove, cook tops,microwave refrigerator, toaster, kettle, pots, pans, plates, cutlery, log fire. There are three large dining tables and benches, fixed seating, washroom with two basins, two showers, two internal toilets, two vacuums one in the kitchen one upstairs in small bunk room, electronic fire alarm.

Park at the top of the road if there is no room left in the Kennedy Lodge. Please avoid parking in the driveways of other Arthur’s Pass residents.


Wyn Irwin is for CMC members only. Non-members are welcome to stay accompanied by a club member. To become a CMC member, join here.

The hut combination code is changed weekly. To get a hold of the current code, please pay online and the hut code will be emailed to you (please refer to the instructions on the main webpage).


Please use the online payment system to pay your hut fees before your stay.

  • Members – $15
  • Non-Members – $30
  • Under 18s – $10 per night.
  • Under 12s – Free


  • Mt. Rolleston at 2275m – Otira Slide, Rome Ridge, Crow Face, Otira Face
  • Rolleston-Philistine traverse
  • Avalanche Peak at 1883m
  • Trips up to Barker Hut, Waimakariri Falls Hut



Kennedy Lodge was built in 4 days over the Easter break in 1936 – to replace The Arthur’s Pass House (1936) which burnt down in 1987.

Floor Kennedy Lodge - Robin Muirson
Roofing Kennedy Lodge - Robin Muirson
Kennedy Lodge 1936- Robin Muirson
Builders of Kennedy Lodge - Robin Muirson
Walls of Kennedy Lodge - Robin Muirson
Foundation work for Kennedy Lodge - Robin Muirson