ACCESS to hut

Park Morpeth current site is at the corner of the Wilberforce & Cronin Streams at approximately 900m, and provides shelter to trampers passing through on the classic Three Passes trip from Canterbury to the West Coast over Browning Pass 1411m.

For access through Glenthorne Station, please ring Jamie or Thelma at 0331858014

Park Morpeth Hut

Use this portal to make your hut fee payments. Please make payment for one person at a time.  The quantity field is for the number of nights stayed.Once your payment has gone through you will receive a conformation email which you can show Hut Wardens that you have made your payment


Please use the online payment system above to pay hut fees. Hut fees can also be paid into the cash box or by direct debit to the CMC bank account 03 1592 0103242 00, putting your name and the hut/lodge name in the payment details.

  • Free for members and $10 per night for non members.
  • NOTE: DOC Hut tickets are not valid for any CMC huts


  • Pamperos Cairn 1880m
  • Mt Marion 2145m
  • Mt Rosamond 2186m
  • Mt Isobel 2036m
  • Mt Davie 2280m.
  • Classic “Three Pass” trip from East to West coast over Browning Pass

This hut has solar lighting, mountain radio with selcal, fire extinguisher and blanket and a new outdoor toilet.


This hut was built in 1931 in memory of two men,James Park and John Morpeth who lost their lives, drowning in the Burnett which is a swift-flowing stream that drains into the Wilberforce River.

Materials to build this hut were carried in by pack horse from Mt Algidus Station by the father of one of our currant members Colin Burrows. Mr Larry Burrows and his brother Bill were employed by the club to build the hut as they had already built several station huts up the Wilberforce valley. On another occasion club members carried materials over Harman Pass 1321m and Whitehorn Pass 1753m to its current site at the corner of the Wilberforce & Cronin Streams at approximately 900m.


As a club member if something needs attention or repairing please let our huts team know.